Observatory Conditions

The data feeding this page updates regularly, but you need to refresh this page to see the new data.  You can use the following button to do so:

CURRENT WEATHER as reported by the observatory's weather station. Click below for additional details, graphs, etc.

ALL_SKY CAMERA showing a view of the sky at the observatory. Updates once per minute. Click on the image to go to the webcam page with daily time-lapse videos from this camera.

Clear Sky Chart shows a short term forecast of seeing, transparency, and other astronomy related weather conditions.  In the upper section, and the Wind line, darker blue means better conditions.  Click below to go to the source website for Clear Sky Charts.

SEEING/CLOUD FORECAST including temperature, humidity, and moon & sun rise/set for the observatory location. Updates once per hour. Click the 'More' link below for additional details.

Weather Forecast - For the observatory site for the next few days from MeteoBlue. Click the 'More' link below for additional details.